Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Ready for the Final Run

After a day off Monday, the Wildcats got back to work Tuesday night at Salpointe High School Stadium. Besides giving the players a few days of rest, Coach Stoops and Coach Harper decided to give the fields at Jiminez Practice Facility a couple of days off too. So we went over to Salpointe and had a very spirited workout.

The move of practice over to Salpointe made it a little tougher than normal for the managers, as we did not have a 24 foot truck to load everything in to. We had to make a few trips with a cargo van and pick up truck to get everything over. Then, to add to the load, stretch started at 7pm, and Salpointe team got off of the field just minutes before our stretch.

The good news is that we have 15 of the best managers in all of NCAA football and they were able to pull it off with no problems! Just like our players are improving each week, so are the managers! They are working very hard this season, and it shows.

Enjoy some pictures from last night below.

This past weeks Pac 10 Defensive Player of the Week (and All Around GREAT guy) against UCLA, Cam Nelson:
Zack Risdon tossing the balls to the DB's as they work through the chutes:
Zack Risdon catching balls from the DB's:
Mike Reed catches up from the WR's after catching balls from the QB's:

Mike Harlow throwing balls to the DB's as they come out of the chutes:

Jordan Gobel and Billy Worthington getting ready for defensive line drills:

Managers snap the balls to the quarterbacks during drills at Salpointe:

Dave Roberts signs a young fan's t-shirt after practice Tuesday night:

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