Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sickening Sunday after Seattle

It was a gut wrenching defeat last night at Husky Stadium after the Wildcats outplayed the Huskies in every way in the game. We played the game just the way we practiced all week. The coaches put together a great game plan, and the player's played their hearts out, yet at the end, a FLUKE play allows the Huskies to win the game in Seattle.

In my twenty plus years of visiting Husky stadium as an opponent, I have seen my share of crazy things happen, but I have NEVER seen anything like what happened last night! The Stanford game can not come quick enough, as we need a chance to cleanse ourselves of what happened late in the game last night.

Once again, Tim, Benny and the managers, did an OUTSTANDING job of having our team ready for the game. Even though the temperatures were somewhat chilly, the weather overall was outstanding for Seattle standards.

We did have to put the player bags back on the charter flight with us since the truck is going to be later than normal. Tim did a great job of planning everything out with things being so different with this trip.

Of course the final outcome of the game made the trip seem so disappointing, but I was blessed with being able to see some great people from my past. Former player, Justin Stewart, came by the hotel and I was able to visit with him for awhile. He played linebacker for us out of the Seattle area and he recently moved back up to the Northwest. He looks like he could still play!

My biggest surprise was when security came to the locker room and said that I had a visitor that knew me. What a treat and pleasant surprise when former Washington State Cougar student manager, David Frankel walked into the locker room!!!! Franks, as we called him, was a student manager in the early 1990's and his last game with us was the 1994 Alamo Bowl. David is now in the insurance business in Seattle.

Then, former Wildcat student manager, Brandon Ehrlich came by the locker room too for a visit. He received his Finance degree from UofA and has moved back to his hometown of Seattle where he is in the Mortgage business. Even though I only had one year to work with Brandon, I knew he would be a success in whatever he decided to do.

It is always great to see the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with over the years!!!! No doubt, I am a lucky and blessed man. Enjoy some pictures of our work in Seattle below.

Ryan Ewalt putting out jerseys in the players lockers:
Ryan Ewalt works with C.J. Parish's jersey on his pads:

Mike Harlow works on Sterling Lewis' jersey on his pads:

Ben Hulka loads jerseys in the lockers:

Ben Hulka prepares the shoulder pad with tape on it before he pulls the jersey onto the pads:

A look at the players lockers at Husky Stadium:
Mike Reed and Ben Hulka load jerseys in lockers:

Managers empty out uniform trunk and load pants, jerseys and socks in player's lockers:
Mike Reed gets the shoulder pad tape ready for jersey:

Mike Reed puts out pants in the lockers:

Willie Salzman and Ryan Ewalt put out jerseys in the players lockers:
Willie Salzman pulls jersey over shoulder pad during set up:
Coaches locker room at Husky Stadium:

David Frankel surprised Wendell with a visit to the locker room while we were setting up:
Former UofA student manager, Brandon Ehrlich, stopped by to visit before the team arrived:

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