Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looking Forward to Thursday Night!!!!!

We are having some GREAT practices this week! Our team seems very focused at task on hand. They know that the Sun Devils are bringing one of their best teams in recent years to Arizona Stadium this Thursday night. No doubt, ASU is one of the top teams in our conference this year!

It is hard to believe that the regular season is in it's last week. After a little time off, we will be working towards going to our third bowl game in a row. Tons of fun ahead.

Everyone seems very excited about the game this Thursday.

Jordan Bates running 7on7 drills yesterday:

Starting Offensive Tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and former Wildcat, Eben Britton made an appearance at practice yesterday. One of the all time GREAT guys!!!!!

Senior Ben Hulka getting one of his last chances at running chains for the Wildcats. Thanks Jim Furyk for recommending Hulk.

Robert Lloyd had a great practice yesterday and a better Monday night after his 49ers killed the Cardinals on MNF

Senior Ryan Ewalt charting passing drills for Coach Scelfo:

Senior Mike Reed gets ready for special teams period:

Mike Baranowski and Michael Barnett work hard during Team Drill:

Myself with a future Wildcat, Bode Hammerschmidt. Bode is the son of coach Jeff Hammerschmidt and he is 11 months old. He was born right after the team returned from the Holiday Bowl. Bode and the rest of his family was here last night for Cookie Night.

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Alex said...

Hey, I don't know who makes the decision on the uniform outfit but I hear the school calling for a "red-out". I really hope this doesn't mean we're wearing our red-pajama-party uniforms (ie: http://goo.gl/3dEev). If I can make a suggestion, it would be this outfit: http://goo.gl/G7BmU, a set we haven't seen at all this year. I have very strong opinions about this. What do you think?