Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hump Day

Well, so far it has been a GREAT week of practices! Today was no different. The team seems really focused on the coaches game plan to beat Stanford.

Many of the managers were in early today to pack their trunks for the trip to Palo Alto. Some were in today, as they are scheduled today for their helmet and shoulder pad maintenance.

We have also been doing some mid season work in our storage rooms and re-stocking our cabinets in the equipment room.

Tomorrow night, we load the truck up for our trip to the Bay Area, home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants (that's for you Lloyd!).

Here are some pictures from today's practice:

Brian Odom, one of our AWESOME strength and conditioning coaches, looks on at practice early on:

ESPN College Gameday was out a practice today and they had Coach Mike Stoops wired up for sound for Saturday's show.

Michael Barnett runs the down marker during goal line:

John Landwehr hustles during middle drill:

Mike Baranowski spotted balls for offense today:

Robert Lloyd and Mike Baranowski run team drill:
Michael Barnett fixes a helmet during team:

Jordan Gobel gets ready for special teams period:

Managers ready on the spot for chain gang activity:

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