Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Already Getting Ready for the Ducks

The managers worked hard this afternoon getting their trunks ready for the game in Eugene. Before they start packing though, they have to get stuff ready that goes in the trunks.

As mentioned yesterday, the truck leaves for the northwest on Tuesday. Plus, we will probably have to load the truck early in the day on Tuesday because we host a men's basketball game on Tuesday evening, which causes huge problems.

The GREAT news is that we will get to work over the weekend, which will give us a little extra time to get ready.

Below are some pictures of the managers working in the equipment room before practice:

This is our travel notebook for our game against the Ducks. We have all of our trunk checklist and other info in this book.
Robert Lloyd cleans a pair of coaches game shoes:

Ben Hulka cleans a pair of coaches game sideline shoes:
Coaches game towels:

David Bodzin folds the coaches game towels. He is responsible for packing them. They are very nice, over sized, bath towels with their initials printed on them:

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