Thursday, November 25, 2010


It goes without saying, I am one of the most fortunate and blessed people in the world. I have so many things to be thankful for.

First of all, I have the BEST wife in the entire world! Not only does she support me in everything I do, she loves me despite all of my faults, and best of all, she is my best friend! She is where it all starts!

Then, I have been able to surround myself at work with the best people possible. I have the best people in the world that I get to work with each and everyday! Without them I would be lost and in big trouble. I am also thankful to the University of Arizona for allowing me the resources to hire these kind of people.

Then, the UofA also allows us to hire as many student managers as needed to run a first class equipment operation, and pay them what they deserve. We have the BEST student managers in the world!!!! They are not only hard workers and dedicated to this football team, but they are first class human beings!!!! I can not remember a better season in terms of student managers, and they deserve all the credit. We ask much of these kids, and they do such a GREAT job!

I can't forget all of the AWESOME people in my life that have allowed me to get where I am at today, starting all the way back to Dayton High School. Ironically, one of the men who mentored me and kept me focused on getting to college (really helping me get in to University of Houston, because I wasn't a good enough student to get in on my own) is my Junior High Principal and High School Counselor Mr. Bill Johnson; and he is just down the street from me today here in Tucson visiting his daughter who lives down the street from us. Then there are so many people after him that have made my life so great. People like Bill Yeoman, Ron Randleman, Jim Livengood, Bob Cook, Milton Neal, Paul Lopez, Jeff Bopp, J.T. Galloway, Tim Pfennig and Benny Conger. Also, the many parents who have allowed me to work with their kids over the years. I know there are many more, but people like this make me realize just how blessed and fortunate I really am.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, thank you to all who have blessed my life in so many ways!

Here is an individual I am VERY THANKFUL FOR!!!!!! One of the best hires I have ever made, Zac Cook, from Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati, OH area). Zac is easily one of our most important people in our operation. He hits home runs for us daily, even more than his beloved Reds.

The managers use our new jugs machine to shoot high punts to David Douglas:
David Bodzin helps out with the drills:

David Douglas throws the ball to David Bodzin after catching the high punts from the jugs machine:

Senior, Mike Reed gets the balls back to Baranowski:

Mike Harlow and Mike Baranowski shoot high punts to the returners:

In this picture are three people I am really thankful for! First of all, Coach Ed, the BEST Strength and Conditioning Coach I have ever worked with!!!! Not only GREAT at what he does, but he is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. He is an incredible difference maker in our program. Then, of course, our two monster defensive ends, Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore. Here, Coach Ed does more than just work in the weight room, players respect his opinion in EVERYTHING.

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