Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hardwork Does Not Always Pay Off

As we know, there are not very many guarantees in life, and the Wildcat football team learned a tough lesson last night. No matter how hard you work at something, it does not always guarantee success. The managers, along with the rest of the equipment staff and team, worked very hard this past week to get ready for an important game against the Trojans. One of the lessons learned for the team was, you still have to execute.

In football, when you are playing a very good team like the USC Trojans, you can not turn the ball over (especially in critical spots on the field) and make mistakes like we did last night. The team fought hard to come back in the fourth quarter, but we were not able to recover an on sides kick at the end of the game.

Our team, like so many other teams this time of the year, is really beat up. This weeks bye will come at a great time! Now it is time to get ready for the number one team in the country, the Oregon Ducks. We will travel on Thanksgiving Day to go play them the day after Thanksgiving. Another tough challenge in this very tough Pac 10 conference. There are no easy games in this conference, just ask the Oregon State Beavers, who got beat by a very much improving WSU Cougar football team!

I am so fortunate to have such a great staff of full time and students to help me with the football team! They deserve so much credit to this teams success! Below are some pictures of their hard work yesterday before the team arrived from the hotel.

The managers were all smiles when they arrived at the stadium at noon yesterday:

One of the best newcomers we have had in a long time, David Bodzin of Texas, gets a pair of shoulder pads and jersey ready for the game:

Mike Reed works his next to last home game for the Wildcats. He will be missed when he leaves the program!
Billy Worthington (visor) and Ben Hulka work hard yesterday morning to get the team ready for the game:

Robert Lloyd prepares a pair of shoulder pads so he can tape the jersey to the pads:

Ben Hulka helps Tim Pfennig get trunk 30 situated in the equipment room:

Jack Banker focuses on getting a jersey just right on a pair of pads:

Jordan Gobel gets a pair of shoulder pads ready so she can tape the jersey to the shoulder pads:

Mike Harlow and Ryan Ewalt, two seniors, came to work yesterday to get the team ready for battle against the Trojans. This is their next to last home game to work for the Wildcats:

Managers showed up focused on the job at hand yesterday before the game:

All the managers showed up ready to work hard for the game against the Trojans:

David Bodzin gets a pair of shoulder pads ready for the jersey:

John Landwehr pulls a jersey on to a pair of shoulder pads:

Mike Baranowski works hard to clean a pair of shoes, as part of the checklist of things to do before the team leaves the hotel:

Jordan Bates tightens all the screws on Chris Merrill's helmet before he arrives from the hotel with the team:

Mike Reed checks to make sure Adam Grant's helmet is ready to go for the game against the Trojans:

Jordan Gobel organizes Trace Biskin's locker for him:

Ryan Ewalt makes sure Justin Washington has everything ready and organized for the game:

Robert Lloyd checks over Joe Perkins helmet very closely to make sure Joe has no problems during the game:

Michael Barnett cleaning a pair of shoes before the team arrives from the hotel:

Managers had the locker room looking good and ready to go for the players:


Kyle said...

in the last photo, there are some lockers with two jerseys. one on the pads already, and one hanging. do some guys have two jerseys or something? one to wear during warmups w/o shoulder pads and another already over their pads?

azwildcatequipment said...

That is correct. Because some of the jerseys are already taped to the pads, and coach wants them to go out early in jersey only, no pads, we put their back up jersey on a hanger so they can wear that one for early pre-game. Thanks for the question.