Monday, November 8, 2010

Nice Monday Surprise

We are always very happy when one of our favorite people visit the equipment room, but today he brought his brother with him. Bill Baffert stops by the equipment room and football practices quite often, but today, his brother Bob came with him to see us. Bob is on his way home to California from Kentucky where one of his horses ran in the Breeder's Cup.

I have never met a more fun guy to hang around with than Bill Baffert! He has the gift of putting smiles on every ones faces when he is around, so we love it when he comes to say hello every now and then. Today, he was nice enough to bring his famous brother Bob with him.

Bob Baffert is one of our most recognized alums at the UofA, especially fans of horse racing. Bob is one of the most successful trainers in the history of horse racing. His horses have won numerous times at the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, among others. He has trained horses such as: Silver Charm, War Emblem, Looking at Lucky (which finished 4th this past weekend at the Breeder's Cup, and won the Preakness this year), and Midnight Lute. You can read more about Bob at his official website:

We get many visitors from time to time in the equipment room, but today's visitors were just what we needed! Once again, Bill brought a lot of smiles to peoples faces!!!

From Left to Right: Bill Baffert, myself, Bob Baffert

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