Friday, November 26, 2010

What A GREAT Thanksgiving Day

I could not have asked for a better day yesterday! First of all, Cindy cooked an unbelievable Thanksgiving Dinner (lunch) AGAIN. She is AWESOME.

After I blogged yesterday, and I knew it when I was writing the blog, I realized I left off so many people that have been so special to me. That is why I should never try to name people, but I just can't help myself sometimes. My friends, family and co-workers over the years have been so instrumental, and I just wanted people to know just how I feel about them.

After I wrote yesterday's blog, Cindy's mom, Cindy and I started talking about all the people that have helped us along the way. Cindy's mom mentioned Charlie Moot, who I worked with at Sam Houston State, which made me realize how awesome he was, but more than that, made me realize I should have mentioned Coach Bob Riley at SHSU. He is one of my all time favorites and he has blessed me since by coming to Tucson a couple of times to visit me. I really love that man!

Then I quickly realized that there were so many other people. I know I mentioned all the student managers, but I should have mentioned Brad Wilson from WSU, because he came down to Arizona to work with us and he was so important in helping JT Galloway and I change the culture in our equipment operation here at Arizona. There is NO WAY we could have done it without him. He is truly one of the most extraordinary people in this entire world. He is not only a great person and great friend, he is brilliant in all that he does, including being a great husband and father.

As I told the group before our blessing yesterday, friends are so important! There is no way I could have ever made it without so many wonderful friends.

Then of course, having both of our Mom's with us made me realize I could have never made it without an awesome family. Cindy and I were blessed with GREAT parents, PLUS, 3 AWESOME kids. I now realize how much of a sacrifice each of my family members made in order for me to be able to enjoy this career I love so much.

Then to top it off, we had 7 young men join us yesterday who did a remarkable job of representing every single student manager who ever helped me throughout the 30 plus years. Again, I realize how important these young people are. There is not a football program in America that could make it without student managers!, and I have had the privilege of working with so many GREAT ones. But yesterday, WOW, these guys were ambassadors. They are such good people. It really touched me when I saw each and everyone of them hug the ladies, as if they were their own Mom or Grandmother. It just topped off a GREAT day.

Then, as I sat in my seat on the plane ride up to Eugene, I realized just how symbolic the whole day was. It was like a play or a story right in front of me which made me realize just how blessed and fortunate I am. I am so thankful to so many people over the years. Like the caption on this home page says, "We are the LUCKIEST people in the world".

My beautiful wife Cindy and I with my mom, Norma:

Cindy and I with her mom, Jean. Both of our mom's live close to us here in Tucson, which is a year round blessing!

The managers seemed to enjoy Cindy's great cooking!

These young men are really special people. I always knew they were GREAT kids!

Another shot of the managers:

The managers were nice enough to take a group picture with Cindy and I. She and I really wanted a picture with them since they made our day so special.

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