Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time for Duck Hunt

The Wildcats are preparing for a GREAT opportunity this Friday.....beat the number one team in the country....at their place.

The biggest problem for the equipment staff is the part, AT THEIR PLACE! The weather report is not very pleasing. Rain and cold is the forecast for game time.

The truck left this morning for Eugene and we will be setting up on game day at Autzen Stadium. We will not be setting up at Autzen on the day before since it is Thanksgiving Day and the game is later in the afternoon anyway. We did not want to bother people at University of Oregon with having to open up for us on Thanksgiving.

The biggest challenge for us may be finding a good place to eat for dinner the night before the game. So far, we have not found many places open on Thanksgiving night. All of the managers going with the team for the game will be eating Thanksgiving lunch at our house before we leave for Eugene. Maybe Cindy will have to pack up some left overs for us to eat when we arrive in Eugene?????

Below are pictures from yesterday's practice:

Managers snap the ball to QB's during passing drills:
Mike Baranowski and Mike Reed snap balls to the QB's during yesterdays practice:

Ben Hulka and John Landwehr run middle drill during yesterdays practice:

Michael Barnett hustles during special teams period:

Billy Worthington helping out with Special Teams period:

Coach Kish and Coach Brown talk about how to stop the High Flying Ducks:

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