Friday, November 26, 2010

GREAT Duck Hunting Weather in Eugene Today

After a little workout in the exercise room, I went to the local Safeway store to get some grub for later on today. While I was out, I took some pictures of beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

On the radio, they said it was a great day for duck hunting in the area!!!! I couldn't agree more.

When I came out of the grocery store, it was raining pretty hard. The forecast is for cold and 60% rain at game time. I say, BRING IT ON!

We are about to head over to Autzen Stadium where we will off load into our locker room at 10am and get ready for the HUNT!

The lobby of our team hotel:

I have been coming to this hotel for over twenty years, and not much has changed.

The neighborhood Safeway close to the hotel where I went to get hot dogs and buns for the guys later:

Some of the neighborhood around our hotel:

Team eating breakfast this morning. NOTE: Waiters and Waitresses wearing the colors!

Players eating a hearty breakfast early this morning:

River that runs behind the hotel and right off of the balcony of the hotel restaurant:

Hotel restaurant, Sweetwaters with a beautiful view of the river:

1 comment:

JTwice said...

I LOVE the Valley River Inn.

Best Chocoloate Chip Cookies in the Pac if I remember right... haha. Me and Pete Hansen still talk about that all the time!

Best of luck Cats!