Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GREAT Practice Today

We had a GREAT day of practice today, and finished it up with some of the younger players having a scrimmage at the end. Our future looks really good with all of our young players!!!!!

We also got much done throughout the day to get ready for our trip to Eugene next week. With the truck leaving a week from today, we took advantage of some time today to get trunks packed.

Below are some pictures from today's practice.

Michael Barnett moves a pop up for passing drills:
Jordan Bates gets set up for snapping balls to the QB's during passing drills:

Managers snap balls to the QB's during passing drills:

Billy Worthington and Robert Lloyd hustle to get more balls in to the drills:

Billy Worthington hustles to get balls to managers snapping:

Ben Hulka and John Landwehr hustle running balls during inside drill:

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