Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nice November Day at U of A

Everyone out at practice this afternoon enjoyed the nice weather and was working hard to take on a tough Stanford team.

This Saturday will be so much fun watching to highly ranked teams go at it on ABC TV. I know all of us in the Equipment Room are extremely excited.

We are working hard at practice along with getting our trunks packed for the truck that is leaving after practice this Thursday evening.

This weekend will also be fun because I will get to re-unite with some former managers. Once again, I will have Jeff Cohn, who I worked with at WSU helping us on game day. Then, the night before, I plan on having dinner with some former UofA managers too.

All in all, I am very excited about this week!

Here are some pictures from today's practice:

Ben Hulka moves the Rogers chutes away from the drills and out of harms way after Linebacker individual drills:

Coach Hammerschmidt and Coach Tuiasosopo work the Defensive Linemen on the Rogers sled during individual drills.
Everyone is working hard to get ready for Stanford, including these offensive linemen that will run scout team for our defense. These guys are our future, and believe me, we are in GREAT shape with these AWESOME players!

David Bodzin helping run offensive scout team drills for the defense. He is also enjoying some of that nice Tucson November sun!!!!!

Billy Worthington gets the balls from the receivers during passing drills. He then puts the balls into a ball bag:

Billy takes a full bag of balls to the mgrs snapping to QB's. He gets the balls from the receivers.
Billy hustles back to retrieve balls from receivers:

Managers snapping the ball to QB's during passing drills:
Coach Littrell and his running backs are working hard too:

Managers ready to run the chains for 7 on 7:

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