Monday, November 8, 2010

Tough Day in Palo Alto

This past week, the players, coaches and equipment staff worked extremely hard in an attempt to get a win at Stanford this past Saturday. Unfortunately, sometimes even extremely hard work doesn't guarantee a win. Stanford Cardinal played a GREAT game Saturday night, and the score indicated just how well they played!

Jim Harbaugh has done a TREMENDOUS job at Stanford, which isn't good for the rest of us in the Pac-10, but I couldn't be any happier for Gary Hazelitt, Stanford's Equipment Manager. Gary is one of the nicest people in the world, and he is being rewarded with a GREAT team!

I always enjoy going to Stanford, and this past weekend was no different, until kickoff. It was a tough defeat, but the Wildcats still have much to look forward to. All of us in the equipment room are excited about this Saturday's game against the MIGHT Men of Troy!!! I guess it is about time for me to start playing their fight song!

Here are some pictures below of the managers hard work at Stanford:

As soon as we arrive on Friday nights and unload the truck, Benny and some of the managers do so touch up painting on a few of the helmets. Here, Mike Reed does some touch up work:

Once we are done with our work on Friday nights, we use the chains and locks we bring from home to double secure our locker room:

Jordan Bates (left) and Ryan Ewalt (right), put out uniforms in the lockers when we arrived on Saturday morning:

Tim Pfennig put out the players laundry bags in their lockers:

Jordan Gobel put out game socks in each of the players lockers:

Mike Reed gets a pair of shoulder pads ready for a jersey:

Robert Lloyd puts out game jerseys in the lockers:

Ryan Ewalt helps put out game jerseys in the lockers:

Because not all lockers on the road have hooks in them, we always pack plenty of hooks of our own and plenty of different kind of screws so we can install hooks if needed. Here, Tim puts a hook in in a locker so we had a way to hang game pants:

Jordan Gobel has turned in to one of our very best student managers! We are extremely lucky to have her on our staff!

Ryan Ewalt, who has traveled to every game for the past few years, once again did an outstanding job. Ryan is Mr. Dependable!

Once again, we had an AWESOME crew of student managers that went on the trip with us:

Jordan Bates getting Adam Grant's jersey ready on his shoulder pads for the game:

Jeff Cohn, who I use to work with at Washington State University, lives in the Bay Area, and he and a couple of his friends always help us out when we play in the area. They are so much help!

Myself with Stanford's equipment manager, Gary Hazelitt. Gary is not only one of the best equipment managers in the business, he is one of the All Time GREAT people. I always enjoy the time I get to hang with Gary!

Stanford did a tremendous job with building their new football stadium!

A beautiful day for football in Palo Alto, on a BEAUTIFUL campus:

Sunken Diamond where the Cardinal baseball team plays:

Another shot of the BEAUTIFUL Stanford campus:

One of the many great things about the Stanford trip, you can spot and park your truck right outside of the the locker room and leave it there until you are ready to go after the game!

Tunnel entrance to the field from the locker room area:

There are alot of good changes going on in Stanford football, but some things there are not changing.....their band and empty seats:

Managers right before kickoff:

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