Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture Day

Today was team picture day, and before the team came out for the picture, I had the managers pose for some pictures of their own.

This has been a GREAT group of people to work with!!! Not only are they very dedicated hard workers, but they are AWESOME students and people!!! It is very obvious that this group has had some great parenting! It is nice to have a group this size, with very few, if any, problems.

These managers put in many hours each week to provide a very valuable service to this football team, and yet, they also are all full time students who work very hard in school too. I have had the great fortune of working with many super student managers over the years, and this group ranks towards the top in terms of staffs!

These guys will be great as University of Arizona graduates!

Six very valuable Senior Managers (left to right): Jordan Bates, John Landwehr, Ben Hulka, Ryan Ewalt, Mike Reed and Mike Harlow:

Three managers from California (left to right): Robert Lloyd, John Landwehr and Mike Reed:
Two from Texas (left to right): David Bodzin and Ryan Ewalt:

Three managers from Illinois (left to right): Mike Baranowski, Ben Hulka and Jordan Gobel:

Five managers from around the country (left to right): Jordan Bates, Florida; Michael Barnett, New York; Jack Banker, Indiana; Mike Harlow, Idaho; and Billy Worthington, Arizona:

The entire group, Left to Right: Jordan Bates, David Bodzin, Michael Barnett, Ben Hulka, Robert Lloyd, Jack Banker, Mike Harlow, John Landwehr, Jordan Gobel, Billy Worthington, Mike Baranowski, Ryan Ewalt, and Mike Reed:

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