Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, and Getting Excited!!!!

Well, I walked in this morning and we had managers everywhere it seemed doing there helmet and shoulder pad maintenance. In the past we would simply give the managers a deadline in which they had to have their weekly maintenance done, and they were required to come in on their own time between classes to get it done by deadline.

We changed that, among many other things, to where they had to come in at assigned times to do their weekly maintenance. This has worked out much better! One, it teaches the managers about responsibility and accountability. Too many times they would come in at the last minute and rush through the job. Because safety of the players is our number one priority, we felt that each manager should have a designated time to do the job and not have to rush.

I am very proud of the managers and the job they do towards maintenance. They totally understand the importance of the maintenance and they do a great job for their players.

We have practice a little earlier than normal so those wanting to fly home for Thanksgiving can catch a flight and be home in plenty of time. Today is the last day of classes for the week. Unlike some schools, UofA only lets out for Thurs and Fri of Thanksgiving week.

I am really excited about the games to watch on TV this weekend, starting tomorrow with the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving at my house without having the TV tuned into the Dallas Cowboys game.

But I am really excited about Friday's line up, especially JT's Buffaloes going to Lincoln to get Bowl eligible, then Paul's big game with the Bruins later that night. You know I will be on the edge of my chair watching those two!!!

Saturday's games are exciting too! What a Civil War this year. Wow, that game has so much to it. Of course most of us in the equipment room have become Sooner fans because of Coach Stoops, so we are looking forward to that big game too.

For those of you traveling today, please be careful.

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