Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Headed to Pullman

Well, the truck leaves tonight and I hope to post pictures later today of us packing and loading. I think we are all ready to get up there as soon as possible.

We are bringing 5 outstanding managers with us this weekend to Pullman. We are bringing the same three that travel to all the games, Ronnie Platt, Ben Hulka, and Ryan Ewalt, plus two of our newer managers, Robert Lloyd and Mike Harlow. The five of them are pictured above.

We have already featured Ronnie and Robert, and we hope to feature all of our managers in the future. Ben is from Chicago, Illinois and is in his third season. Ryan is from El Paso, Texas and is in his second year. He transferred here from University of North Texas. Mike Harlow is in his second year here at UofA from Idaho Falls, Idaho but his first year as a manager. Mike went to High School in Westerville, Ohio.

At midweek, the forecast in Pullman at game time hasn't changed that much. The high is still 51 and the low is now at 37. The sun is scheduled to set at 4:22pm which means about half the game will be played with no sun at all (COLD)!!! May not be much sun anyway because there is now a 40% chance of rain too. Oh well, we will be prepared!!!

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