Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Trip to Eugene to Play the Ducks

Willie Salzman of Palo Alto, CA making his third trip of the year. Here he is busy setting up the locker room before the team arrives.

Here is Willie making sure the balls have enough air in them after the flight up to Eugene.

Here is Tim working with Ronnie Platt of Southlake, Texas and Jeff Gallego of Tucson making sure everything is done on checklist and double checking every ones duties for during and after the game.

Here is Ronnie making sure Tim is doing everything correctly.

Ronnie is getting ready to write the pregame schedule.

Here is how the managers set up each locker in Autzen's visiting locker room. Note some players have two jerseys. That is for the players that have to go out in jersey only during pre game warm up. Because we tape the players jerseys to the pads, we just give them their back up jersey to wear during that short time out in pregame.

Ben Hulka of Chicago Illinois is setting up the Coaches Telex system for the game.

Ben is putting new batteries in each beltpack for the coaches headsets.

We had three of these heaters on our sideline to help keep the players warm. They worked well.

Jeff Gallego working hard as usual. This was Jeff's third trip of the year and he is pushing trunks from the locker room to the sideline.

The coaches locker room there is very small. We only put 10 coaches in the actual coaches locker room and put the other 8 out in the main locker room. Very tight space!!!!

Benny helping Ryan move a table. Ryan is one of the student trainers and he is one of the best I have ever been around, not to mention a GREAT guy!!!!!

Benny is looking at the heater. Probably trying to figure away to see if he could use it to help build a rocket.

More locker set up. The lockers are very spacious and nice. The set up though is not conducive for moving around. Once the team arrives it gets very crowded because the locker room itself is long and skinny.

This is the shower area in the very small and tight coaches locker room. As you can see, I set up in the shower area with their extra gear. Because the weather is colder than we are use to, I have all kinds of extra stuff packed for them so they are comfortable.

This it the entrance into the visiting teams locker room. It is very nice to have it so close to the field. The entrance is directly behind the endzone which is very nice.

This is the pressbox at Autzen Stadium

This is the large video screen at Autzen

This is the Field Turf field at Autzen. This is the view from our entrance doors into the locker room.
These are the luxury boxes at Autzen.

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