Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Home Games

Beginning this year, we started taking all of our gear over to the stadium for home games on Thursday evenings. It has made a real difference in our time efficiency. Ever since Head Coach Mike Stoops arrived here, we started dressing over at the stadium as opposed to walking over from McKale. Since we started doing that, we had managers managing the equipment room and locker room all day Friday. Starting at 8am we have a manger over there all day Friday. In the past they would just be there when facility maintenance people came through there. It was simply a way to know what was going on over there. Now with the equipment over there, they spend their hour over there setting up their players bags that are dressing for the game. This has made Friday nights much better. We are out of there very early now on Friday nights.

With security outside of the equipment room all night, and the fact that we have an alarm system, we feel very good about having equipment over there. We still get to the stadium early regular time on game day, just in case, plus we just like being at the stadium on game days.

Trunks are left in the middle of the locker room from Thursday night.
Another shot of the trunks. The only trunks we bring over are the sideline trunks.

This is part of the equipment room over at the stadium. It is very small, but does the job.

This is the front portion of the stadium equipment room. Has a window that opens up to players locker room. Again, very small but it serves its purpose.

The managers are responsible for setting up their drafted players during the day on Friday when they are not in class. The pads with blue on them have two way tape on them.

Another shot of the lockers before they are set up by mgrs

We wear Riddell CPX pads only for shoulder pads.

Our home locker room at the stadium has 64 lockers in the main locker room, then we have an overflow for the few extra they we may suit up.

The managers will polish up the helmets as part of their locker set up.

Ryan Ewalt, of El Paso Texas is polishing up his players helmet.

This is Ryan again setting up one of his players locker.

This is Ryan looking for something in the equipment room.

Ryan is one of our managers that goes on every trip. He is an excellent worker and is our lead student manager for Coach Comm/Telex system.

Ryan is a Psychology major that wants to work for a federal law enforcement agency after graduation.

This is yesterdays Spotlight Manager, Adam Knapp, enjoying a little lunch before his duty over at the stadium.

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