Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, the ending of the game did not turn out in our favor, and it was a tough defeat. It was a very close game throughout and it looked like we had pulled off another victory. The Beavers are a very good team and they pulled out a close victory over us, 19-17. They kicked a field goal on the last play of the game. Now our attention will be focused on the Sun Devils for the next two weeks.

Once again, Tim, Benny and the Managers did a GREAT job getting the team ready. These guys work incredibly hard, and when the team loses, they lose too. Just like the players and the coaches, these guys work hard too. Below are some pictures of the preparation on game day against the Beavers. Using a checklist of duties that have to be done before the team leaves the hotel, the managers do things like clean shoes, double and triple check helmets, chinstraps for maypops, pull jerseys on to taped shoulder pads, and much more. Here are some pictures:

Adam Knapp double checking one of his players helmet over in the overflow locker room.

Willie Salzman cleaning a pair of shoes before the game.

Mike Harlow getting out a pair of shoes that he will clean with Super All.

Jordan Bates working hard to get a pair of shoes looking as good as possible. Jordan is a first year manager from Florida.

One of my favorite guys, Josh Reitzenstein, from Beverly Hills, CA. Josh is in his last season as a manager. Those who know me very well know that I like to joke around and pick on people that I like alot. Well, Josh gets alot from me, but it is because I like him so much.

Two of my favorites! Two great guys, who I hope gets to experience something only a few of us have ever been able to do, go to the ROSE BOWL. Couldn't happen to two better guys. Hard working Steve McCoy (left), and Arnold Alcantar. Congratulations on the win, and a GREAT season.

Adam helping out with Coach Mark Stoops and the DB's during pregame.

Ronnie doing his best Joe Montana with the O Line during pregame.

Managers, Jeff Gallego, Robert Lloyd and Willie Salzman catching up and shagging for the QB's and WR's during pregame.

Mike Harlow helping out during pregame.

Willie catching up for Bryson during pregame.

Coach Stoops catching up with Coach Riley before the game.

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