Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday of Open Week

At some point I wanted to blog about the specifics of the student managers day at work, each day of the week. One of the main reasons I started this blog was for potential student managers having a tool to use so they can see exactly what it is like to be a student manager at the University of Arizona.

This week is a very unusual week. For one, we do not have a game this week, so it is what we call "open" or "bye" week. Secondly, it is Thanksgiving week. The plan at this point is to practice today thru Wednesday and take Thursday and Friday off. We will then come back on Saturday for practice.

Today, the managers will come in at 2:30pm and start working on a checklist of things that must get done today.

A couple will check in all of the coaches clothes, including belt, socks, shoes, making sure we have everything turned in so we have it for next game. We will then take the coaches clothes to the cleaners. We will clean their shoes and launder their socks.

We will then check in the jerseys and pants which were cleaned immediately following the game by Zach Cook, our full time laundry person. When checking them in, we will check for "TBS" (to be sewn) on both pants and jerseys. Anything that will need to be sewn will be sewn right here in our equipment room. We will also use a checklist to see who will need new game socks for next game.

We will get a list from Erick Harper, Director of Football Operations, later that will let us know who will be wearing full pads at practice today. Some Mondays see Redshirt players and others who may not have seen many plays the previous Saturday, scrimmage a little after a short practice.

The biggest thing we will get finalized today is making sure everyone has a place to go on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

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