Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Roadtrip of the Year

First things first. I have already received a few comments of "where's the blog today" comments, so at least a few are looking for the daily blogs.

No excuses here, but having camera/picture problems from WSU trip, so I didn't want to delay any more. I will add pictures tomorrow morning if I am lucky.

Tim, Benny and the managers did an AWESOME job with the trip. It makes it so much fun when we have everything we need to make sure the players are safe and comfortable, and the coaches are comfortable. I evaluate trips by stress level, and we had very little stress, so it was a very successful trip.

We also had alot of fun. Lots of laughs at dinner. Tim, Benny, Ronnie and I were able to have dinner with my brother, Milton, and his family (Wife, Lisa and kids Megan and Trevor). Besides the laughing and fun, it was without a doubt the best dinner on the road this year! Any of you going to Pullman should eat at the Fireside Grill. The Prime Rib is off the chart good. Coach Mackovic would give it at least 4 stars!!!, I give it 5 bright and shiny stars.

We did discover at dinner that Benny resembles Steve Carell of The Office and 40 Year Old Virgin. We can't believe it took Lisa and Megan to realize that, but man are they right on!

Milton took good care of us with coffee and donuts when we got to the locker room on Saturday morning, and out did himself with an AWESOME lunch too.

My son Austin was able to go with us on the trip, and he ended up being a huge help, along with his cousin, Trevor. Those two basically set up coaches while I enjoyed playing with the iPod and visiting with a number of visitors to the locker room.

Besides my niece Megan coming by, Brad Wilson, his son Connor and his Dad came by for awhile. We got some good pictures of Connor wearing a Wildcat uniform. Always fun to see B-dub.

The weather ended up being pretty good for November in Pullman. It did sprinkle just a little bit towards the end of the game.

We were at the Lewiston Airport for what seemed liked two hours. Security is very tough there I guess. We got home at 11pm.

We were fortunate enough to get a win, and now we focus our attention to the ducks.

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