Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pictures from Pullman

My nephew Trevor helping me set up coaches locker room.

Trevor setting out coaches towels for post game shower.

Brad Wilson's son, Connor

Visitors locker room at WSU

How we set out players gear

Ronnie Platt doing one of his duties, which is to make sure coaches drinks are cold.

Robert Lloyd pulling jerseys on to taped shoulder pads.

Mike Harlow working in locker room before the game. This was Mike's first ever road trip and this is his first year. He was able to see his parents at the game because they live in Idaho. By the way, he did an AWESOME job and he is a GREAT guy to have around!

One of two areas we had to use for our coaches. We put Coach Mike Stoops and the nine full time assistants in this room, and all the others in an are close by. Nice and spacious!

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