Friday, November 14, 2008

Travel Day

Traditionally this is one of the quietest and slowest days during the fall in the equipment room. Tim and his guys have done all the work preparing the team and now we sit and wait.

Last week and this week are a little different in that we still have to get the 64 player bags to the airport and make sure they get on our charter flight this afternoon. Typically they go on the truck when the truck leaves on Thursdays.

Speaking of Tim and the guys, they have done a remarkable job this year with the transition of Tim coming over to football. We have very good managers and they know what it takes to get the job done. Tim has done a great job of utilizing their strengths, and I think he has done a remarkable job of maximizing their time. In my opinion, they have been much more efficient with the time they are at work.

As usual, the managers hate down time and sitting around feeling that they are wasting their time sitting around the equipment room. Most of them understand that it is something that has to be done. We, the equipment staff, does not dictate time changes, site changes, etc...

I have often referred to us as being like a fire station. We have to be available when something goes down and needs attention. Just like firemen, we have to be ready and available.

Tim will have the crew of 5 that travel come in and have lunch together. He will give them their itinerary for the trip. Everything from times to what to wear. Some of the other managers will come in to watch the window before the walk thru, then a couple of others will make sure walk thru goes smooth. Early this morning, a couple of non travel managers will man the luggage truck which will be situated out front of the football office. Anyone and everyone on the charter flight will be able to drop their luggage off at the truck. We will then drive it to the airport and make sure everything on the truck gets on to the plane. Some managers are lucky enough to not have any duties on Fridays when we travel.

The non travel managers will then be back to McKale on Monday morning at 6am to unload the equipment truck and put everything back in the players lockers and the trunks back down to storage.

This has been a tough week for me personally, but I would not have been able to make it without Tim running the show. Not only did Tim make sure everything was properly done, when I was away from the equipment room, every time I called or checked to see where we were at, he made sure I knew that everything was okay and for me not to worry.

He makes a huge difference, because I never did worry about the equipment room during the tough week. I am very thankful that I have Tim running the show with me. He gets it!!!!

Now, it is almost GAME TIME!!!!!

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