Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I hope everyone had a pleasant Veteran's Day. Hopefully each of you took a little time out of your busy day to think about, and thank alot about Men and Women who have served our GREAT country. Without them we would not have the opportunities that we have and the freedoms we enjoy. God Bless these brave individuals.

Well it took awhile to post today's blog because I had a very trying and troubling day. My wife and I have the privelage of having my mom live here in Tucson with us. While we were in Pullman for the football game, she was admitted to the hospital. Today we had to deal with the fact that she will not be able to return to her apartment she has enjoyed for years and be able to continue living independently. Starting tomorrow, she will have to live in an Assisted Living enviroment. It was a long and rough day.

I was able to go into work for just a little bit. Tim and the guys were hustling around packing trunks. The truck will have to leave for Eugene tomorrow.

Since we have a basketball game in the arena tomorrow night, we will have to load the truck in the afternoon and be cleared out for the fans and television trucks that will invade McKale.

It appears that we may be able to dodge bad weather for the game in Eugene.

Thanks for your patience while I am dealing with my mom's situation.

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