Friday, October 8, 2010

Wildcats Move to Their Weekend Home

Each Thursday evening before a Saturday home game at Arizona Stadium, the equipment staff puts in a couple of extra hours of work to make sure everything is over at the stadium so we can start work first thing on Friday mornings to get the team ready for the game.

Once we get everything loaded into the home locker room at Arizona Stadium, we set the alarms, alert the police and security, and that starts the motion of us getting in to game mode.

Today, we will have each manager go over throughout the day so someone is ALWAYS with our equipment, and they will get their players equipment ready for final inspection tomorrow before the team arrives at the stadium.

As you will see in the pictures below, we are big believers in using checklist to make sure we properly pack for all games.

Game socks are put on top of Trunk 1 where Jordan Gobel will use a checklist to load them in the trunk.

Once again, using a checklist, we will make sure each coach and staff have a rain suit ready on the sideline for Saturday's game, even if the forecast calls for ZERO chance of rain. I would rather than be with us, than back in the equipment room. You NEVER know!!!! Better safe than sorry.

Mike Harlow uses a checklist to make sure every single player dressing for the game has a valuable bag to put their valuables in during the game. Obviously, this trunk is locked and has security watching it at all times during the game.

Tim Pfennig assist Jordan Gobel in getting jerseys ready for the game against the Beavers. As you can see, Jordan uses a checklist to make sure every single player has jersey, pants and socks in the uniform trunk.

Billy Worthington uses a checklist of players dressing for the game against the Beavers to check off the players when they turn their laundry bag in after yesterdays practice. Once all the laundry is turned in, Zac Cook gets started doing the laundry of the travelers first.

Managers push a couple of packed trunks to the ramp where the Enterprise Truck is positioned for loading:

Mike Reed gets everything packed in Enterprise truck at McKale that goes to Arizona Stadium for the game against the Beavers:

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