Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Day in the Equipment Room

Today has been a very busy day! We have been getting helmet and shoulder pad maintenance done, along with getting all of our trunks packed for our game this weekend in Pullman.

As I mentioned earlier, our Equipment Truck leaves after practice tomorrow night. It will arrive in Pullman on Friday afternoon. Everything is running smoothly, just busy. We still have to get ready for practice as well.

Our Athletic Director, Greg Byrne, was down earlier today to see how things were going. He is a very busy man himself, but you can follow most everything he does on his twitter. You can follow him at www.twitter.com/greg_byrne When he was down earlier, he took a picture of the equipment room and posted something about it on his twitter account. For those few of you that enjoy this blog, you will LOVE his twitter!!!!

Below are some pictures of our work today.

One of our most important products in the equipment room, Reek Out, was used quite a bit today, as many of the managers came in this morning to do their weekly maintenance on their players helmets and shoulder pads. The players are VERY HAPPY that we use Reek Out because their equipment does not stink

John Landwehr came in this morning to do his helmet and shoulder pad maintenance:

Then next two pictures are of the sheets that each managers uses for each player as they record every thing done to the helmet and shoulder pads of each of the players:

Robert Lloyd came in earlier today between classes to load one of his trunks for our trip to Pullman.

Robert Lloyd uses a checklist to load his coaches trunk earlier today:

Robert loads coaches caps into his coaches trunk:

When the managers come in to do their maintenance, they use laundry carts to haul player's helmets and shoulder pads back and forth from the locker room and equipment room. Managers are required to do their maintenance in the equipment room under our supervision:

Mike Harlow came in this morning to do maintenance on his players helmets and shoulder pads:

Mike Harlow writes down the comments of his maintenance:
Ryan Ewalt came in this morning to do his scheduled maintenance on his players helmets and shoulder pads:

Ryan changes out a facemask for Richard Morrison:
We got our coaches laundry bag already from the number one cleaners in Tucson, Shaffer Dry Cleaning and Laundry.

KIIM 99.5 FM radio personalities drop by to say hello this morning. (left to right): Benny Conger, Shannon Black, me, Porkchop, and Tim Pfennig.

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