Thursday, October 7, 2010

Student Managers Continue to Work Hard

Just like our players and coaches, our student equipment managers are working very hard to help make our practices go smooth each day.

We challenge our managers to help keep the tempo up beat as they run drills, and they have been doing a great job all season long. In addition to helping run practice each day, they still have to keep up with their academic obligations and their helmet and shoulder pad maintenance on their players. They all seem to be doing a great job at everything.

The managers also look forward to the games. Being able to be a part of the team on Saturdays is one of their biggest rewards. Hopefully they will be able to be a part of another win this Saturday against a VERY TOUGH Beaver team from Oregon State.

Below are some pictures from yesterdays practice.

Mike Baranowski helps run drills during yesterdays practice as the team gets ready for the Beavers:

Mike Baranowski and Robert Lloyd work together on a plan for running offensive drills yesterday:
Coach Stoops running the scout team:

Robert Lloyd hustles as usual:

Ben Hulka hustles as usual:

Robert Lloyd uses a script to know which hash mark to spot the ball on during offensive drills during practice yesterday:
Mike Baranowski works on a helmet during practice yesterday:

Coach Stoops and Coach Littrell are very focused on details during practice yesterday:

Robert Lloyd (standing) and Ben Hulka (leaning over) spot balls during team drills during practice yesterday:

Managers use jugs machines to shoot balls to receivers during special teams:

Ryan Ewalt snaps the ball to Nick Foles during QB drills during special teams period at yesterdays practice:

Jack Banker shags, while Ryan Ewalt snaps the ball to QB's during special teams:

Jack Banker and Ryan Ewalt work with QB's during special teams period:

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