Friday, October 22, 2010

Homecoming has Officially Arrived!!!!

There are many exciting things about Homecoming during the football season, but my favorite is being able to see so many people from the past.

Yesterday, Dan McSweeney, a former student equipment manager from Chicago, IL, came by the equipment room with a couple of his friends. They are in town until Sunday. We were able to have a GREAT visit yesterday afternoon! I always love being able to see former student managers and hear about their lives after college. I really enjoy hearing about their successes.

Also, former punter from Pueblo High School right here in Tucson, James Molina stopped by to say hello. James is one of the all time great guys to play for the Wildcats. I always loved James because he comes from an AWESOME family!!! James' father, Sixto Molina, is the former Chief of Police for the City of South Tucson, and a true American Hero.

Today is sure to be a GREAT day, as we will be able to see so many visitors! I will do my best to have my camera available so I can post some pictures of some GREAT former Wildcats!

Me with Dan W as I like to call him. Dan will always go down as one of my all time favorite managers I have been able to work with!

From Left to Right: George Kotsiovos from Chicago, Tim Shriver of Tucson, myself, and Dan McSweeney of Chicago:

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