Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday was another fun day in the equipment room at McKale. Former players stopped by, other visitors, stopped by throughout the day. Our AWESOME coaches always bring by their friend and family that come to Tucson to visit. It is always nice to meet knew people and make new friends!

Luckily I got to see a couple of AWESOME former offensive linemen, James Treathaway and Blake Kerley before I left for the team hotel. They stopped by as I was walking out.

One of favorite visitors is New York Times best selling author and all-round GREAT guy, Dr. Kevin Leman. Dr. Leman frequently visits the equipment room and football practice. He is a HUGE Wildcat fan. He lives here in Tucson, and has 3 degrees from UofA.

One of our favorite people visits us often, and Dr. Kevin Leman stopped by yesterday to take a picture with me and to show what we will be wearing tonight against Washington.

Among the many visitors this weekend, maybe the best was Tim Pfennig's family. His wife Jenny brought their newborn son, Logan by yesterday. His twin brother, Greg, looks on with Dr. Leman:

One of the all time GREAT people to play football for the Arizona Wildcats, Tony Wingate, dropped by to see us.

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