Monday, October 25, 2010

Cats Beat Up on Dawgs

This past weekend was a GREAT weekend! It was so much fun beating the Huskies, but it was even more fun seeing all the former players that came back to see us. Even got to see and visit with Richard Jefferson, who came to the game because he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, along with team mate, Luke Walton. I also got to see and visit many others, including Dennis Northcutt, Bobby Wade, Nick Folk.

Because kickoff was set for 7:15 (actually didn't kickoff till after 7:30pm) the temperatures got a little chilly at game time. It was in the upper 60's, just cool enough for some sweatshirts and jackets for the staff.

Once again, the equipment staff did an OUTSTANDING job of preparation for the players and coaches! The game went smooth for everyone! We did have to change out some cleats on the sideline during the game, as a few of our players were slipping a little. It is nice to be able to have extra shoes right on the sideline so that goes smooth as well.

Also, our good friend and supporter Albert Vasquez once again provided food for the coaches after the game. Every single game, he delivers food to us towards the end of the game so our coaches have some food in their locker room after the game. Albert does this out of the kindness of his heart, and his love for the Wildcats. His restaurant, El Saguarito has the best AND healthiest Mexican food in town!!!

Below are some pictures of the managers hard work to have the team ready for the 44-14 victory over the Washington Huskies.

Tim Pfennig gets the afternoon started at 1pm on Saturday by getting the uniforms out of the trunk:

Mike Reed assist Tim in getting all the uniforms put in players lockers:

We go through about 600-800 towels between both teams on game days:

Uniforms all packed and ready in the trunk:

This is how the locker room looked when we arrived for work on Saturday:

All the managers showed up fired up and ready to work at 1:00 on Saturday for the 7:15 kickoff:

Managers getting the team ready:

Robert Lloyd enjoying the conversation from the managers as they all talk about Friday night happenings around campus:

Mike Baranowski, always seeming to enjoy his work:

John Landwehr and Mike Reed get players ready:
Jordan Gobel enjoys the conversation as she gets R.J. Young's jersey and pads ready for game:

Robert Lloyd focuses as he gets a players jersey and shoulder pad ready for the game:

Billy Worthington getting a jersey on a pair of shoulder pads, with a smile on his face and joy in his usual:

Jordan Bates pulls a jersey onto a pair of shoulder pads:
Managers go to work on players lockers early in the afternoon on Saturday:

Jack Banker works to get players ready in the "overflow" locker room:

David Bodzin gets players ready in the "overflow" locker room:

Mike Harlow enjoying his work on a players helmet before the team leaves the hotel:
Ryan Ewalt checking to make sure Nic Grigsby's helmet is ready for action:

Jordan Bates getting a pair of shoes clean for the game against the Huskies:

Robert Lloyd working hard at cleaning a pair of shoes for the game:

Jordan Gobel getting a helmet ready for the game, making sure everything is secure and tight:

Mike Baranowski seeming very happy about cleaning a pair of shoes!

John Landwehr getting Juron Criner's helmet ready for action:

Michael Barnett getting Austin Hill's shoes cleaned before kickoff:

Mike Harlow tightening screws on a helmet before team leaves the hotel:

Billy Worthington getting a pair of shoes cleaned and ready for game:

Locker room ready to go:

Jordan Bates getting the last trunk out of the locker room and to the field:

Benny and managers testing coach comm very early in the afternoon:

Robert Lloyd walk testing coach comm:

Four Zona Zoo fans first in line under stadium at around 3pm for 7:15 kickoff:

ESPN camera man getting his equipment ready for the game:

Coach Stoops arriving to the locker room before the game (note Zona Zoo in full force 2 hours out):

Washington assistant coach Johnny Nansen, who was a player while I was equipment manager at Washington State:

Coach Stoops visiting with Husky Head Coach, Steve Sarkisian before the game:

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