Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cats Are Working Hard To Get Ready for Beavers

Wildcats had a GREAT practice Monday afternoon in preparation for a GREAT Oregon State Beaver football team. Everyone is excited about playing a game again after last weeks bye.

It was obvious that the players got their legs back with some time off. We had a GREAT crisp workout yesterday.

Below are some pictures from Monday's practice:

Jack Banker feeding balls to QB's during passing drills:
Next two pictures are of Billy Worthington and Jack Banker running balls during passing drills:

Brandon Blumenfeld gets pop ups ready for defensive line drills:

Jordan Gobel sets up cones for special team drills:

Mike Baranowski and John Landwehr run balls during team:

Half of the managers run drills for the defensive team drills:

The other half of managers run chains for offensive team drills:

John Landwehr plays QB during offensive line drills:

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