Monday, October 18, 2010

All Star Performance on the Palouse

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, the equipment staff of Tim, Benny and the five managers did an incredible job this past weekend in Pullman!

Coach Stoops just left my office a few minutes ago and he was telling me how smooth the trip was and how everything was perfect. I told him that the seven people that went with me did and awesome job, and he already knew that. Coach Stoops shows his appreciation to us often, and always tells us what a good job we do and thanks us daily. It is always nice for the head coach to be so complimentary!

The trip was a success in many ways! Below are some pictures to share with you from our trip. Now it is about time to go to tonight's practice to start preparing for the Washington Huskies and Jake Locker!!!!!!

Equipment Staff was in the lobby and ready to go to stadium at 9:30am on Saturday in Moscow, Idaho where the team stayed:

I took this picture from the front door of our hotel of the Kibbie Dome on University of Idaho's campus. This is where the Vandals play football and basketball games:

This was our team hotel in Moscow, Idaho. It is the only hotel that teams can stay at when they play the Cougs:

We stopped at the WSU campus Bear Research area on the way to the stadium:

Billy Worthington and Ryan Ewalt take a look at a bear:

Mike Baranowski, Mike Reed and Benny Conger take in the sights at the bear pens:

One of the bears at the bear pens:

This is the clubhouse at Palouse Ridge Golf course on the WSU campus:

(from left to right): My daughter Natalie, my oldest son Tyler, and Benny Conger:

This is Sean Scanlon, who worked for me when I was at WSU years ago. Sean now does overnight security in the visiting locker room. Sean is a GREAT guy!!!!

Mike Reed pulling jerseys before the team arrived:

Jordan Gobel putting jersey on taped shoulder pads:
This is how the players area looked in our locker room. Brings back memories of high school PE:
This area is where half of our coaches dressed:

Mike Reed icing down some sodas before the team arrived:

Billy Worthington cleaned the top of the lockers in the coaches area so we could put clean towels on top of the lockers:

We got a lot of help from my nephew, Trevor, in setting up our coaches locker rooms:

Because all of the lockers available in the locker room are locked, we had to put up temporary hooks for the coaches lockers:

Tim getting our dogs ready for lunch!
We had hot dogs and chips for lunch before the team arrived:

This is our coaches outerwear trunk that we set up in the locker room before the game, then once the game starts, it is on the sideline with us in case the coaches need more items to stay warm. Many times, like this past Saturday, the weather gets cooler the longer the game goes:

Each drawer has the name of a coach on a drawer. Inside that drawer are different forms of outerwear for the the coaches to stay warm and dry, when it rains.

This is some of the contents of items in the coaches outerwear trunk:

This is an area where half of the coaches dressed:

This is how the players found their "locker" when they arrived:

Mike Reed getting the make shift equipment room ready in the showers. We have to move out of there after halftime so the players can shower:

This picture is taken from the players locker room area and looking up the ramp at where the coaches locker rooms were at, along with the training room:

My daughter, Natalie, with Billy Worthington. My daughter has worked with Billy's mom at Marriott.

The area right outside of our coaches locker room. The players locker room was down the ramp through the doors you see in the back of the picture:

One of our clocks that we take with us to each away game. It is a good thing, because all of the clocks in the visitors locker room were wrong!

Me and my nephew, Trevor before our team arrived:

Mike Reed putting the schedule on the marker board in the players locker room:

Truck driver, Bob Keith, enjoyed a hot dog before the team arrived:

Tim taking coolers to the training room before the team arrived:

My brother Milton and I in our locker room before the team arrived:

Me, my nephew Trevor, and brother Milton:

Another shot of Milton and I during pre game activity:

Our two trucks outside our locker room. Pratt Moving and Storage, out of Pullman, did all of our local hauling for us (thus Idaho Vandal logo on the truck):

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