Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough Day for the Wildcats

Well, it is back to the drawing board for all of us with the Wildcat Football Team. Oregon State came in here this past Saturday and beat us 29-27.
Once again, the equipment staff did a great job of having the team prepared. We now look forward to our second road trip of the season, this time to Pullman, Washington. The truck will leave Wednesday after practice, so we have a short turn around time to get everything ready.
I always look forward to this trip, as I spent some of the best years of my life living and working in Pullman. I still have family and friends there in Pullman and I look forward to getting to see them, even if it is only for a few hours.
My brother, Milton, is the head equipment manager for the Cougars and he and his staff do a GREAT job. Milton and I were able to work together at WSU for about 7 years in the football equipment room. He is without a doubt one of the best equipment managers in the business and I learned so much from him while we were able to work together. Those wonderful years were topped off by a Rose Bowl game against the Michigan Wolverines on January 1, 1998, it was our last game together.
Our 3 children call Pullman home, and all 3 of them will be there in Pullman when I arrive this Friday! With my wife on the trip too, it will be a family reunion!
Oh well, enough of the personal stuff. Enjoy a few pictures from game day against the Beavers:
Mike Reed checks each locker before the players arrive:

This is how the locker room looked when the team arrived:

This outstanding crew makes sure the sideline is properly prepared before each game:

Ricky Hunley was honored at halftime of the game:

Chris Merrill picks up his jersey from Tim Pfennig before the team arrives:

Robert Lloyd does some drills with a few of the players before each game:

Mike Baranowski warms up with one of the QB's before pre-game:

Jordan Gobel gets ready for Wildcats pre-game:

Coach Dick Tomey was at the game where he was honored between the first and second quarter of the game:

Ben Hulka assist Coach Kish during pre-game:

Jordan Bates and Robert Lloyd run balls during pre-game:

Jordan Gobel gets ball bags organized during pre-game:
Jordan Bates hustles during pre-game:

Certain managers are assigned the duty to give their coach their Coach Comm headset when they get to the field for the game:

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