Thursday, October 14, 2010

Headed to Pullman

Well, Bob and Bob took the truck away from McKale last night and are headed for Pullman, WA. They should arrive Friday sometime afternoon. We are still getting ready for the trip. We still have to get the player bags packed tonight and we will put those on the plane with us tomorrow.

When we arrive in Lewiston, Idaho, Jeff Jones of Pratt Moving will pick up our player bags and drive them to visitors locker room at Martin Stadium. Tomorrow night we will get everything in the locker room.

We will get to the locker room Saturday morning around 10:30am to set everything up for the players and the game.

Tim getting everything squared away. Thank goodness for Blackberry!
Billy Worthington and friends run chains during defensive team drill:

Michael Barnett and friends on the chain crew with offense:
Mike Baranowski snaps the ball to Matt Scott during 7 on 7:

Coach Stoops and the managers working intensely with a drill:

Bob and Bob arrive with the truck last night:

Bob Caprari helps Bob Keith spot the truck for loading:

Bob Caprari gets the truck ready for loading:

Bob Keith puts some of the cheer squad stuff in the truck:

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