Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cats Getting Ready for the Dawgs

Everyone is working hard to get ready for the Washington Huskies, including the managers. U-dub will bring in a powerful offense this weekend to face the Wildcats during Homecoming weekend.

This week starts the second half of the football season.

All of us are excited about it being Homecoming weekend. We look forward to many visitors to the equipment room.

Defensive Coaches look over the practice schedule as they prepare for Jake Locker and the Husky offense:

Jordan Bates works with Jack Banker as he snaps balls to the QB's during drills:

John Landwehr oversees offensive line drills during practice:

Managers use the jugs machine during special teams to fire balls at receivers:

David Bodzin and Robert Lloyd catch up for WR's using the jugs machine during special teams:

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