Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday was a long, yet very productive day! Below are some pictures of some of our work in getting the team ready for the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

All the managers put in a long day yesterday to get our team ready for our bowl trip to San Antonio:
Michael Barnett and John Landwehr put double stick tape on the back of the locker nameplates that we made ourselves in the equipment room:

Jordan Gobel puts numbers in the bowl sweats for one of her players that she is responsible for:

David Bodzin retrieves bowl sweats from the boxes so he can number them:

Mike Reed gets some bowl sweats ready for one of his players:

Jack Banker does some weeding so we can number the bowl gear for the players:

Robert Lloyd presses a number in sweat top for the bowl gear:

After we make numbers using our Cad Cutter, the managers have to "weed" the logos:

There are the numbers we use to print players numbers in the gear we give them:

One of the managers responsibilities yesterday was to also issue the gear to the players using the computer inventory system:

Ben Hulka and Jordan work hard yesterday before practice:

Mike Harlow, along with all of the other managers, worked very hard yesterday getting the players bowl sweats numbered and issued to the players going to the bowl game in San Antonio:

Ryan Ewalt uses one of the many heat transfer machines to put number in one of his players bowl sweats:

Jack Banker gets some of his players ready for bowl practice gear yesterday morning before practice:

Adam Grant hits the sled early yesterday in 70 degree weather in Tucson yesterday:

Michael Barnett, Jack Banker and Jordan Bates feed balls to the quarterbacks during passing drills:

Robert Lloyd assist the other managers during drills yesterday:

Managers shag balls for the quarterbacks during passing drills yesterday:

Managers work extremely hard at practice yesterday at Salpointe High School where they have field turf, much like the Alamodome turf:

Billy Worthington hustles an empty ball bag back to the sideline where he and Robert Lloyd assist during passing drills:

Billy Worthington and Robert Lloyd work the sideline during passing drills:

Robert Lloyd loads balls into ball bag during passing drills:

Newest coach, Joe Salave'a works his first practice yesterday at Salpointe High School:

Mike Harlow and Mike Baranowski spot balls during offensive team drills during practice yesterday:

Mike Harlow and Mike Baranowski work the jugs machine for the receivers during special teams period:

Ben Hulka works with other managers working the jugs machine during special teams:

Managers work with Juron Criner on the jugs machine during special teams period:

Jordan Gobel hustles at practice yesterday:

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