Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Busy Bowl Week!!!!!

If I had one complaint about this week in San Antonio it would be that I have been so busy that I have not been able to keep up with blogging like I would have. It has not all been work, but also many fun activities.

There has been a dinner every night that I had to attend, and getting in late and having to get up super early every morning made it very tough. I don't feel that I did a very good job blogging this bowl game.

I am sitting in Coach Stoop's personal locker room here in the AlamoDome blogging right now. I have been uploading pictures all morning and just now getting caught up on some stuff.

The morning started early once again, as we had to give our truck drivers a ride over to UIW to get the big rig that we loaded up after practice yesterday. We then moved everything over here to the dome. The managers have been working all morning setting up.

I am getting ready to have to go to a kickoff luncheon so I will blog after I get back and show pictures of the guys working this morning.

It has been a GREAT week, I just wish I could have done a better job of keeping everyone up to date with stories and pictures.

Below are some highlight pictures of the past few days.

The world's BEST rep, Dan Vooletich, made an appearance at one of our practices:

I was able to see my cousin, Mike Kipp, who coaches up the road a little in Blanco Texas:

I was also able to see one of my fellow student managers from my days at the University of Houston, Keith Day:

Another shot of the BEAUTIFUL campus and the managers working practice:

One of our practices at University of the Incarnate Word:

We had GREAT weather and perfect facilities all week!

University of Incarnate Word was a GREAT host and a BEAUTIFUL campus!
University of Incarnate Word is an OUTSTANDING facility, and the people there were AWESOME!!!!
Tito Foster, Juron Criner, Terrance Miller and Dan Buckner here at Seaworld:
Most of the players really enjoyed riding the Steel Eel, including myself (back still hurts though):

Justin Washington exiting the rollercoaster ride:

Derek Earls and Jake Ficsher enjoyed the Steel Eel rollercoaster:

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