Monday, December 13, 2010

No Practice Today

The players, managers, water techs and video student workers are all in the middle of final exams. Plus, our coaches are all out recruiting, so we will not be practicing today.

I was in the weight room getting a little treadmill workout in during lunch, and noticed that Coach Edmonds and his staff did have many of the players in the weight room getting a good workout in too.

Today, Tim and I have been working with Caesar Martinez at University of The Incarnate Word going back and forth about field equipment we may be able to use for our practices at their campus. He has been great about taking pictures of their items and emailing them to us to see if we can utilize any of it so we won't have to haul our stuff all the way out to San Antonio. Just like their facilities, they have nice equipment too!

Tim has also come up with a player checklist for each player so the managers have something to go by as they pack their player bags for the trip. Since the weather may be cooler than normal, we have to take those things into consideration. The good news is the weather will be perfect for the game!!!!!

We are also keeping in touch with Julie Turpin at Walt's Distributing to keep track of where they are at with our bowl items for the players and coaches.

It is nice to get a day off of practice, but we are finding enough stuff to keep us busy today.

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