Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving Into the Alamodome

Yesterday was a busy day for us, as we moved the truck from UIW over to the Alamodome early in the morning and set up over at the stadium.

Then, we went to the Kick Off Luncheon at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. After the luncheon, we all went with the team back over to the Alamodome for our team picture and practice walk through.

We left the dome at about 4pm and headed back to the hotel. Yesterday afternoon and evening was about the only free time it seems like I had since Christmas eve. It was a very busy, but fun day. You could feel the excitement starting to build for the reason we are here.....the GAME!!!

I am sitting in the locker room right now watching the guys set up the locker room. I will have some pictures later.

Benny Conger, and his wife Greta, attended the Kick Off Luncheon yesterday:

The cheerleaders did a GREAT job of getting the crowd going at the luncheon!

Even Wilbur was in attendance, and he was FIRED UP!

Coaches and players waiting around for the team picture in the Alamodome:
Director of Football Operations, Erick Harper, was showing the coaches where the coaches box was at up in the pressbox area:

Coach Stoops already had his game face and focus working at yesterday's walk through and team picture:

Nick Foles, and other players getting ready for the team picture with Coach Stoops:

The managers were waiting for the picture too, plus they were ready for the walk through practice after the picture:

This was right before we, the equipment staff, were added to the group:

The photographer for our team picture was AWESOME! We were done in minutes!

Our locker room sign out in the hallway of the Alamodome:
Managers were picking up and straightening the locker room up a little after the team left to go back to the hotel after our picture and walk through:

Oklahoma State Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gary Calcagno and I use to work together back at Washington State. We remain good friends and it was great to see him as we were leaving the dome and the Cowboys were arriving for their team picture and walk through:

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