Friday, December 17, 2010


We are getting down to less than a week before we load up the truck and head to San Antonio for our bowl game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Things are really starting to get much busier, now that finals are over and the players are all done with studying for the semester.

Our student managers were able to get some time off for studying as well. Now, all the focus is on getting our team to San Antonio for about a week of practice and a game.

We will be working all weekend getting ready. Our bowl workout gear is hitting the door as I type, so we have alot of that stuff to get ready for each player.

Today we spent alot of time getting bag tags ready, patches on jerseys, locker nameplates, and of course, practice over at the stadium.

We will be back at it first thing in the morning. We have to host some recruits in the equipment room in the morning, then it will be getting players gear ready, and then go set up for a practice over at Salpointe High School.

You can begin to feel the excitement as time draws close for us to go on the road again!

Tomorrow morning we will talk to some recruits here in our equipment room, so we have set up a display to show them some of our equipment:

We get alot of request for team autographed balls, so we have had the players come by this week to sign some balls:

This is our planned look for the game against the Cowboys in the Alamo Bowl.

Jordan Bates gets the locker name plates organized for our bowl trip to San Antonio:

We do all of our nameplates for road games right here in our own equipment room. Many schools buy them from companies that specialize in this trade, but when you have the BEST student equipment managers in the country, why not just do them yourselves and save the school money?

Ryan Ewalt cuts the nameplates for our trip to San Antonio:

This is a stack of locker name plates for the locker room at University of the Incarnate Word locker room we will be using.

The managers also made luggage and bag tags for all the coaches and football staff to use through out the year and on this upcoming trip to San Antonio.

This is how this years baggage tags turned out, with the Alamo Bowl logo on them:

Coach Stoops has an envelope full of luggage tags with the bowl logo on them:

One of our superstar managers, Jordan Gobel, uses a checklist to make sure each of the players for the bowl game have patches on their game jersey:

Before Jordan sews the patch to the jersey, she uses our heat transfer machine to press the patch, which has an adhesive backing, to the jersey so it is easier to sew on.

Jordan sews ALL of our patches on ALL of our jerseys! She is the BEST!!!!!

Jordan putting the final stitches to the patch and jersey:

Meanwhile, Benny gets the basketball team all packed up for their trip to NC State for a game on Sunday. They just played last night and then they leave after a morning practice tomorrow. Things are busy in the equipment room!!!


Eric said...

Hey Wendell...I could be wrong and I'm sure you guys have already caught this, but in that closeup picture of the name plates being cut, it looks like Ebbele is spelled wrong. Is that an "i" instead of an "l"?

The Anti-Bunch said...

How do I get a team autographed ball?