Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Are Done Working in Tucson, Off to San Antonio

Well, our work in Tucson is done for our preparation for the Alamo Bowl! Tim Pfennig, Benny Conger and the Student Equipment Managers did an OUTSTANDING job of getting this team ready for the bowl trip! Zac Cook and Tom Boesel also played an important role in getting the Wildcats ready. I am very blessed to have so many great people around me. I truly am the LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Benny and three of our finest managers (Mike Baranowski, Robert Lloyd and Billy Worthington) left this morning on an early Southwest Airlines flight to San Antonio. They will arrive early and get everything set up there for our arrival. The rest of us will fly with the team tomorrow on our team charter. We will all be together Christmas Eve for dinner at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk, our team hotel.

Then, Christmas day we start working again, as we will have practice that afternoon at University of the Incarnate Word. The entire team and families will have Christmas Dinner together that evening.

Our staff has an AWESOME responsibility of getting this team ready and moved, and they were OUTSTANDING in getting it done. They did a great job of doing a lot of up front work, and that will allow us to have a smooth and stress free bowl week in San Antonio.

Tim Pfennig has an incredible responsibility as my right hand man, and he hit home runs every day since we knew we were going to the Alamo Bowl. Of course, he has had this role for three years and this is his third bowl game in a row, so he has become an expert in moving a team for a bowl game. He and Benny make a great team, and they are GREAT at what they do. Those two make it so much fun for me, and that is why I can not wait to get to work each day! They do not get enough credit for all their hard work and loyalty to me and the program. THANKS GUYS!!!

Below are a few pictures of our last day of work in Tucson.

Benny Conger was given the responsibility to get the truck loaded for our trip to San Antonio. He was able to get all the trunks, player bags, field equipment, and personal luggage (including 4 Christmas Trees for Coaches families) on the truck for our bowl trip:

Once again, Horizon Moving will be responsible for getting the Wildcats moved to the bowl game:

Mike Baranowski takes a personal bag up to the truck. Coaches families started dropping of bags and boxes, Christmas Trees, and even Tricycles at 8am on our last day of practice in Tucson:

Benny had plenty of help from our staff of the GREATEST student equipment managers in the country! I can't say enough good things about our student managers. They are AWESOME!!!

Benny got the trunks loaded up front starting at 6am on our last day in Tucson:

Ryan Ewalt and Benny put out the ramps so the trainers can side load their trunks on to the truck before we take off for practice:

Buses lined up waiting for players, while we are busy loading the truck with trunks and personal luggage:

Players loading up for practice at Salpointe High School, wear they have Field Turf, just like what we will be playing on in AlamoDome:

Players headed to the buses for our last practice in Tucson:

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