Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Busy Christmas for the Wildcats!!!

I am just now sitting down and writing as I have just got back to my hotel room from a dinner I went to tonight with our coaches and the Oklahoma State coaches. It seems to be the first break I have gotten since early yesterday morning, Christmas. So much has happened, but I wanted to blog a little about what all happened yesterday.

After Benny and 3 other managers unloaded everything at University of Incarnate Word on Christmas eve, we went early yesterday to get the team all set up for the next few days.

After getting everything set up, we had practice yesterday afternoon, then back to the hotel for a very nice Christmas dinner.

Below are some pictures from yesterday:

Mike Harlow sets up a player's locker yesterday morning at University of Incarnate Word (UIW):

UIW has a GREAT facility for us to use this week:
This is our equipment room in the players locker room area at UIW:

Here I am setting out valuable bags in the coaches lockers so they can put all their stuff in to, then we lock them all down during practice:

We brought our own towels for the players and coaches to use this week at UIW:
We brought all the essentials for our coaches to use each day:
Robert Lloyd and Ben Hulka helped me a lot in the coaches locker room:

Billy Worthington and Mike Baranowski (driving) use one of UIW's carts they are letting us use this week:

Managers set up one of chutes from Rogers Athletic that we brought from Tucson on the truck:

Alamo Bowl volunteer, Lou Kaluza, helped us out a lot on Christmas Day setting up our locker rooms and assisting in so many ways:

We had the coaches locker room looking nice yesterday when they arrived:

UIW has a GREAT locker room set up for us! We have nice lockers and plenty of space:

Managers did a great job of setting up the lockers at UIW:
Lot of media at our practice yesterday:
Jordan Bates running balls during drills on Christmas Day practice yesterday:

Ben Hulka, working with Coach Kish at yesterday's practice:

Jack Banker running balls during yesterday's practice:

Billy Worthington holding a down marker during team at yesterday's practice on Christmas Day:
Our offensive line after practice on Christmas Day:

Santa joined the team for Christmas Dinner last night:
The team had a very nice Christmas Dinner at the hotel last night:

Players enjoyed Christmas Dinner together, then got their bowl gifts from the Alamo Bowl afterwards:
Managers ate dinner with the team the last two nights:

Mike Harlow eating Christmas Dinner with the team last night:

One of our fabulous truck drivers, Bob Caprari, enjoyed having Christmas Dinner with the team last night:

Truck drivers: Bob Caprari and Bob Keith enjoy dinner with team last night:
Benny Conger, Billy Worthington and Michael Barnett enjoying dinner last night:
Managers: Michael Barnett, Jack Banker and Mike Baranowski enjoying dinner last night:

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