Saturday, December 11, 2010

GREAT to be Working on Saturdays in December!!

There is not much better in our profession than working practice on a Saturday in December. That usually means one are going BOWLING!!!!!

This morning was our second bowl practice, and then we practice again tomorrow. Since we are in the middle of final exams, and plus the coaches are out recruiting, we are trying to get as much work done on weekends for now.

The team really seems focused on the task at hand. We will give the managers off most of next week so they can focus on finals. We will get started on packing trunks this time next week. Tim and I will be going over our travel checklist for the week in San Antonio on Monday and Tuesday so the managers have an exact packing list for each of their trunks.

Everything seems to be shaping up nicely in San Antonio. Yesterday we hired Alamo Bowl legend, Matt Saenz, to do our laundry while we are there! Matt is the equipment manager at Trinity University there in San Antonio.

Below are some pictures from this mornings practice.

Erick Harper, answering question from Adam Hall about the trip to San Antonio. Erick has the tough job of coordinating all facets of the travel to the bowl game. Not an easy job, and Harp knocks it out of the ball park every single time!!!!!!

Ben Hulka and some of the managers run chains during practice this morning at Arizona Stadium:

Jordan Bates snaps the ball to Nick Foles during 7 on 7 drills:

Jack Banker (left) and Jordan Bates (right) run 7 on 7 drills this morning at practice in Arizona Stadium:

Two great players, getting ready for the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. Shaquille Richardson and Juron Criner. Juron was just named All American yesterday! Shaq was one of the top freshman players in the league this year. He was Pac 10 player of the Week in the game against Washington State.

Robert Lloyd, with the tough task of looking for over thrown balls to receivers:

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