Friday, October 31, 2008

Nice Quiet Friday

After some good workouts and practices this week, Coach Stoops gave the team the day off. With that, Tim and a couple of mgrs went golfing today with Tim's brother in law. Wow, not only do I wish I had my camera out there, I wish I could get some video of that match!!! Tim and the mgrs deserve some time off.

Tom, Benny, Armando and myself are holding down the fort today. Armando and I have had some lively discussion once again this morning. I LOVE that guy!!! No one can get my heart pumping like Armando. I'm just grateful that he puts up with me everyday. The rest of the guys are always encouraging him to get me stirred up on the current events of the day; it always make for a GREAT day. One of these days we will do a highlight of my hero, Armando.

Benny is getting ready for the Red/Blue scrimmage tomorrow. It is Coach Pennell's debut as our Interim Head Coach for Men's Basketball. All of us in the equipment room are pulling so hard for our team and Coach Pennell!!!! I have told so many people so many times just how awesome our basketball players are. It has been difficult to see first hand what they have had to go through over the past year.

We are also right in the middle of Fall Baseball, so they have Benny's full attention as well. Benny is learning day to day just how busy the equipment room can be when Basketball and Baseball are going at the same time. Fortunately for us, Benny is handling it very well and having fun doing it. If you can't laugh when Benny is around, maybe you should have yourself checked out, because he is funny!!!

Well, I am hoping to see some football games on TV tomorrow. Have a GREAT weekend!

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