Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome Benny Conger

With the promotion of Tim Pfennig back in July, we were able to replace him with Benny Conger. We hired Benny while he was working for Riddell at the San Antonio, TX plant. He is a former student manager, and full time equipment manager for Texas Tech where he and his wife graduated. They left Lubbock for San Antonio when his wife, Greta, got a job with the San Antonio Spurs.
Benny was exactly what we were looking for in our search. Benny is full of life and very passionate about serving and supporting our teams here at UofA. He is responsible for Men's Basketball and Baseball, along with helping Tim and me with football on a day to day basis.

Benny has already added so much to our operation and all of us have an opportunity to learn so much from his past experiences, especially working at Riddell. He is outstanding in helping train our student managers in terms of helmet and shoulder pad maintenance. Tim and I love having him on the sideline, especially when something needs to be fixed.

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wes said...

Big Wen

Thank you for this oppurtunity to help make this program better.I have already learned so much from you and Tim. I have so much fun with you guys.

Go Wildcats