Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Homecoming

This is the first ever blog for myself, or for our new Arizona Wildcat Equipment Room blog site! My name is Wendell, and I am the lucky guy to be in charge of this operation. I say I am lucky because I work with the GREATEST people in the business. I am sitting here in my office talking to Tim, Benny and Armando trying to get them as excited about this blog as I am. That is the usual case around here; I get excited about something and then try to get my co-workers excited too!

Right now we are all excited about the opportunity tomorrow with the football game with the almighty USC Trojans. Coach Stoops and his team has done a great job this season so far, but we have a great opportunity tomorrow to show just how hard they have been working. The Trojans, as usual, will be a huge hurdle for our guys to clear, but they are up to the challenge.

No matter what happens in the game tomorrow, it doesn't change anything they have accomplished up to now. From day one since Coach Mike Stoops stepped on campus, our players have responded to his leadership and have worked extremely hard for him and his excellent coaching staff.

I hope this blog site works well for everyone. For years we have talked about having our own website here in the football equipment room, but I think a blog site will do for now. It is our hope that we can share with others exactly what we do, and how much we enjoy doing it. We also want this to be an avenue to recruit potential students at the University of Arizona that may want to be part of a winning team, Arizona Wildcat Football!!! We also hope to get many comments from our site visitors.

BEAR DOWN, Wendell

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