Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Ready for the Cold Weather

Well, we got our new cold weather trunk from Olympic Case today. In an effort to make sure we have everything available for our coaches, especially Head Coach Mike Stoops when we travel to the Pacific Northwest late in the year, we designed a trunk to have one of everything for coach in size Large, and X-large. You see, Coach Stoops is really a Large and a half. Not a Large, and not an XL. To add to the frustration, some of our outerwear changes in fitting. Some of the Larges fit like Medium, and some of the Larges fit like XL????? We have experienced Murphy's Law in the past in the fact that as soon as Coach Stoops would want the quarter zip fleece in XL, we would have packed a Large. Being the great guy that he is, he would never complain. But I am thinking, we have plenty of the gear, we take a semi-truck with plenty of room, why not have a trunk where we can have everything possible in one trunk???

Well, yesterdays featured manager, Ronnie now has an additional trunk to pack when we head north. Tim is working on a checklist now, and it will be added to the already thick checklist book.

Tim had Tom Boesel go get things like hand warmer packs to fit in the muff pockets that fit around the players waist. He is getting all the long socks and tights ready. The greatest Director of Football Operations of all time, Erick Harper, has already sent us a travel list of players for next weeks game, so Tim has the mgrs getting all those items numbered.

We are very spoiled here in the desert with mostly warm and dry games, so these next two trips will be challenging for us. We will probably leave the Cool Zone fans at home though!

Does anyone know if Milty rents those player benches with heaters in them????

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Paul said...

I don't think Milty does. I think Big Fogg might