Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Weekend

Even though the game against USC did not turn out the way we wanted, we still had a GREAT weekend in the equipment room.

We seem to always have many visitors on Friday home games, but with it being Homecoming, it seemed like we got an extra treat with so many visitors.

Some of the highlights on last Friday were some of UofA's all time greats, including Ricky Hunley, John Meloan, Nick Hundley, Jack Murphy (Murf), and many more.

On game day we got to see former managers like Andrew Block with his girlfriend (pictured) and Jimmy Rieble. Lawrence Moyse was at the game too.

It is always great to see former players, managers, coaches and friends. Head Coach Mike Stoops always has visitors for games and we got to see many of them again, including Uncle Jim Stoops which is one of our favorites!

Along with Andrew and his girlfriend, I am going to post more pictures from Saturdays game against the Trojans.


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d said...


When I look at some of these pictures I see a jersey already on the shoulder pads and another with the same name and number hanging in front of that one, why are there two hanging in some lockers, why would there backup be in the locker?