Monday, March 8, 2010

What a GREAT Weekend!

Not just because we got to have three AWESOME football practices this weekend, the weekend was a huge success for a number of reasons.

First of all, the visit to our campus of Dan Vooletich, our key account rep for Riddell, was a huge benefit for the Wildcats! Voo arrived on Friday morning and he went to work immediately with our staff and players.

As I mentioned before on this blog, not many shoulder injuries occur from a direct hit on the AC joint of the shoulder, but most of the time the AC joint will become injured from falling wrong, either landing on the elbow or arm and causing an injury in the AC joint. There are other ways also, but the key is that once that injury occurs, the AC joint becomes very sensitive to more direct hits. That was the case with every single one of our shoulder injuries this past season.

One of the things that we worked with Voo on for some of our players is "beefing up some pads" on certain players. Hopefully this will minimize the re-occurring of problems with some of our past shoulder problems. The shoulder is a very delicate part of the body that doesn't do well with much of the hits and motions that players put it through in the routine of a season.

One of the things that will help shoulder injuries more than anything is strength, and that is why the weight room is so important! Coach Edmonds in his staff do an INCREDIBLE job with this and that is why we have seen such a decrease in injuries since Coach Stoops has arrived. Injuries are going to happen, there is nothing we can do to prevent ALL injuries, but we can all work hard together to minimize them. Dan Vooletich being here this weekend will help with that effort so much. We are fortunate to have him as a part of our team! He also works with about a third of the NFL teams and fits many of their players in helmets and shoulder pads. Thanks Voo for all you do for us!!!!!!

We had three GREAT practices and I love the way our team is set up for the future!!! Coach Stoops has done an incredible job with this program and he has made this team even better during the off season!!!!! I love our team attitude and work ethic. I feel so fortunate to be this teams equipment manager!!!!!

It was also a great weekend for Men's basketball, sweeping UCLA and USC in hoops over the weekend. Coach Sean Miller and his staff ended up fourth in the conference playing 5 freshmen most of the year. Coach Miller reminds me so much of Coach Stoops in the fact that he does NOT cut corners and try to fix things quick. He is building this basketball program back to the Championship level it once use to be, on day at a time. I guarantee that when it comes back to Championship level, it will be stronger than before!!!! These guys are LEGIT, not to mention great guys to work with on a day to day basis. They are not only great coaches, but better people. I am so happy they are here!!!!

One of the equipment room's favorite people, Andy Lopez, our baseball coach, led his team to win 2 out of 3 from the strong Cal State Fullerton baseball program. Again, just like Men's basketball, coach Lopez is playing with a lot of freshmen.

This weekend was just a reminder of how fortunate I am to be the equipment manager of this AWESOME athletic program!!!! We have the BEST student-athletes and coaches of any program in the country!!!

Managers snapping balls to the QB's in yesterdays practice at Salpointe:
Coach Stoops talking to new secondary coach and co-defensive coordinator, Greg Brown, on first day of spring practice in the stadium on Friday:

Tim adjusting a helmet during practice yesterday at Salpointe:
Three incredibly important people which make our operation a success! (Left to Right): Tim Pfennig, Dan Vooletich of Riddell, and Benny Conger:

Voo fitting Paul Vassallo in new CPX shoulder pads for spring practice:

Voo fitting Derek Earls in new shoulder pads for spring ball:
Voo showing the customized cup on the new CPX 50 pads we brought in for Nic to try this spring:

Voo adjusting some "beefed up and customized" CPX 50 pads on Nic:

Voo showing Nic the different kind of channels that can be put in the PM 86 RB style shoulder pad:

Nic with PM86 RB style shoulder pads:

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